Chapter Quartets

Circle City Sound is proud of our many fine chapter quartets, pictured below. These talented men travel throughout Central Indiana and beyond to provide quality entertainment for people of all ages, at both public and private functions.

If you are interested in hiring one of our quartets for your next party or special event, give us a call at 317 844-SING, or feel free to contact your favorite quartet directly using the contact information shown below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Instant Classic

2015 Cardinal District Quartet of the Year
2014 Cardinal District Quartet of the Year
2014 International Quartet Finalist
2013 International Quartet Semifinalist
2012 Cardinal District Quartet of the Year
2012 International Collegiate Quartet Silver Medalist
2011 Cardinal District Quartet Champion

David Zimmerman, Tenor

Theo Hicks, Lead

Kohl Kitzmiller, Baritone

Kyle Kitzmiller, Bass (317) 832-5898

Brothers of a Chord

2019 Cardinal District Novice Quartet Champions

Kevin Bailer, Tenor

Kurt Bailer, Lead

Jeff Broadfoot, Baritone 317-514-5770

Larry Klein, Bass

Late Shift

2018 International Quartet Quarterfinalist
2017 International Quartet Semifinalist
2016 International Quartet Quarterfinalist
2015 International Quartet Quarterfinalist
2014 Cardinal District Quartet Champion

Tim Martin, Tenor

Andrew Myer, Lead (765) 532-1552

Bob Kendall, Baritone

Adam Winans, Bass

That's Life!

Jerry Troxel, Tenor 317 979-7302

Steve King, Lead

Eric Turpen, Baritone

Frank Bynum, Bass

The Rush

2018 Cardinal District Bronze Medalist

Jim DeBusman, Tenor

Don Brown, Lead

Sonny Griffith, Baritone

Larry Anthony, Bass (317) 459-6239